Monday, 30 May 2016

Quiz your toddler

Toddler questionnaire:

What's your name?                            Willis
How old are you?                               
When is your birthday?                      After Christmas (it is, 15 days! after)
How old is daddy?                             2
How old is mommy?                          2,3,4
What's your favourite colour?            Blue
What's your favourite food?              Chocolate
Who's your best friend?                    Paige and Jemma
What's your favourite show?            Peppa
What's your favourite movie?           Ben and Holly Magical Kingdom
What's your song?                            Haere mai everybody, haere mai
What's your favourite animal?          Monkeys
What are you scared of?                  Tigers
What makes you happy?                 Monkeys jumping on the bed

Well done Emily, you are very clever!!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

First time at snow

This week Kate took you and Jorja to Hyde park to the Big Chill. This was your first time experiencing snow. Since dad and I were on school holidays we decided to surprise you there. dad took you into the snow area but you were scared and found it hard to walk in so begged for me to come in. After a while of hugging my leg, you decided that actually this brrrr stuff wasn't too bad and join Jorja in licking and flicking it around. You got quite upset though when you poor little fingers got cold and red. 

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Paradise valley springs

Today we tripped to Rotorua to meet up with Tate, Lukah, Max and their mummies and daddies.
You four had such a blast together again, running around, feeding all the animals and trying to climb into each enclosure. 
There were lions with a big "DONT TOUCH THE FENCE- ELECTIC" which you ignored.
They were asleep and although you and tate clicked your fingers and called to them, they were all cuddled up sleeping in late on this very frosty cold morning.
You loved feeding the big black pigs and were amazed by the deer and how they licked the food out of daddies hands right infront of you. 
Traveling through the bush walk we came  to big trout ponds with lots of ducks. This you were most excited about! Like you had never seen fish and ducks before!!!
Tate taught you to climb the fences....thanks Tate. Dad wasn't that impressed that we drove 90mins for you to just want to stay at the fish. 
If was sooooo cold the baby ducklings could walk over the ice to you.
The goats were EXTREMELY friendly.
Phil wasn't fast enough and this naughty goat stole the whole bag of food and ate it all up! Bag and all!!
You four started getting grizzly so it was feeding time for you. We treated you all to chippies at McDonald's. 
You have never stayed up past 1 so sad won the bet that you would be asleep before we were out of the city were!!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

A stay at Granny's

When you were just 15months old your mother and I had a wedding to go to. The wedding was all the way in Australia - Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.  This was going to be the first time your mother had been to Australia and you were just a little to young to come with us.
What to do with you? There was plenty of different ideas but the one that won was a stay with Granny. We planned on leaving early Thursday morning so we dropped you off on Wednesday night.  You were pretty happy and we felt a little sad as we left you. 
Granny said you had a great night sleep and in the morning you had a little look around to try and find us however shortly forgot about the search and continued playing with all the toys. 

While we were in Australia we kept on receiving lots of different pictures with updates on how you were doing and what you were doing.  Granny was having a lovely time and I think she loved being able to have lots of cuddles.
You are a very enthusiastic reader. Every chance you get to love to open books and look at the pictures. Your favourite books at the moment are ones where you have to open different flaps. While at Grannys you loved reading her stories.

 Now a trip to Grannys would not be complete without some new clothes. Granny spoilt you lots and lots with your favourite item being your sparkling shoes.